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We provide private investigation on request by clients. Ready to meet the client's needs, we offer Individualized Investigations using State of the Art Equipment. We specialize in conducting complex investigations, undercover operations, security consultation, tracking and secret detective work, background and profile checks, financial investigations etc. This function is carried out by our specially trained investigative personnel.



Kings Guards provide specially trained personnel to clients, for the provision of personal protection to such clients. We operate full and part-time teams involved in the protection of recognized leaders, corporate executives, dignitaries and celebrities. Our concerns include travel as well as family and residential protection. We can arrange for stockholders meetings, conference and convention protective services and can coordinate executive travel domestically and internationally in a safe and secure manner.



This is one area of specialization by Kings Guards. We advice clients/customers on the need to procure and install security equipments that will serve important functions in ensuring adequate security coverage of their premises. Below, are some of the high-tech equipments we use to carry out our security activities:

- Hi-Tech CCTV Cameras
- Glass Break Detectors
- Intrusion Alarm Systems
- Smoke & Fire Detection Systems
- Rising Bollards
- Advanced Perimeter Security Systems
- Metal Detectors



Kings Guards provide escort services for discerning clients/customers and also ensure adequate monitoring and surveillance of the premises and movement of such clients. To be a Personal Protection Escort for a Client or Principal is a task of immense pride and responsibility. Our Escort Section Team members are Qualified and trained to be efficient, courteous, diligent and to act with integrity in all they do.



Kings Guards has fully introduced the movement of cash for clients with different sales depots, banks and other institutions that require moving cash and valuables as their businesses demand. This is done in our customised armoured vehicle in company of fully armed police officers.



We train security operatives in companies who need to constantly update their men with the newest technology in security.



In our bid to take full advantage of the Local Content Policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria, we have diversified into the marine sector by offering Offshore Security Services. We use our private security personnel in collaboration with Government Security Forces (GSF), The Nigerian Navy (NN) and The Joint Task Force (JTF) to ensure that the maritime environment where assets are located are effectively and efficiently monitored and protected against insurgents.

  • - Naval Escorts
  • - Ship Security Officers
  • - Provision of Security Vessels
  • - Executive Protection
  • - Coastline Surveillance
  • - Platforms/Oil rigs Protection
  • - Anti-piracy Operations
  • - Surveys of Port Facilities



Kings Guards maintain law and order whenever there are industrial unrests in beats manned by our security operatives. We also have men that have gone through adequate training in crisis management that are on ground to move into any area where there is a crisis at any point in time.



Kings Guards welcome and escort expatriate workers for our numerous clients/customers, without any hitches. We have excellent records in this area of service.

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