Wireless Door / Window Contact

The sensor has implied can be installed on door and windows. A signal is sent to the Control panel once the door or window is opened and the Control Panel is armed. Such openings are taken as unauthorised access.

Control Panel

This device analyses all signals received from all sensors and sends appropriate response either by sending text messages to preconfigured numbers or make phone calls.

PIR(Motion Sensor)

PIR(Motion Sensor): It detects the presence of humans at all times. it recognises humans and takes them as intruders when the Control Panel is armed.


It widens the range of communication between all sensors and the Control Panel.

Smoke Sensor

The device detects smoke from early fires and sends signals to the Control Panel.

Wireless Sounder / Siren

As the name implies, this device alerts all occupants and passers-bye of an emergency situation either fire or intruder with flashes as well as a loud 120dB siren.